Registering a Crèche in Cape Town

registering a creche

Figure 1:”The Correct Steps to Follow if You Want to Start a Crèche.” – Land Use, Fire and Safety, Environmental Health government clearances have to be obtained prior to working with the Department of Social Development to become a registered crèche. The Land Use clearance has to be completed first as the rest of the process is contingent upon it.

Land Use Clearance

  • All should fill out the Land Use Management Application
    • If you are not the owner of the building, you need to contact the owner to obtain the official building plans of the building before proceeding with the application and inspection
  • If you plan to make changes to the facility in any way, first fill out this application from the Planning and Building Development Office
  • Once application(s) is filled out, call the business’ local land use management office to schedule an appointment for inspection. This number can be found by typing “Land Use Management” and your city’s name in your internet search engine.

Fire and Safety Clearance

Environmental Health Clearance

Department of Social Services Registration

  • When first meeting with the DSD, you will receive a registration packet with the following forms and other general information on how to run a crèche. The order of the forms is based on that of the registration packet provided to our group through the Wynberg DSD Office.

DSD Registration Packet Contents