Scene 5: Figuring Out a Programme for the Concert


Now that we have identified all the leaders for our project and highlighted the concert as a pilot program to determine the possibility of our project, we will be going into planning and implementation of preparation plans for the concert. A meeting has been scheduled with Loreto to find out how our program can be implemented in the community centre.

Cast of Characters: MGV Team, Ebi, Eddy, Loreto, Ashney and Robyn


We intended to use this meeting to solidify spots for the Green Light Project music programme to run its shows on a regular basis. With this, we intend to find out from Loreto what is being done in the community centre when the children come in and whether or not there is accommodation for our programme within that time. Also we intend to find out whether our programme is like any programme currently being offered in the community centre. If not, we intend to find out when our programme can be accommodated in the community centre and how the community centre views our programme being useful and interesting to the kids.

Key “Take Home” Observations:

  • It is not difficult to get time slots to use in the help centre.
  • There is a possibility of collaboration with the community centre as they are struggling with finding after school programmes for the kids.
  • The leaders of the various programmes in the Green Light Project need to build better relationships with the people who run the community centre. Loreto is a good resource for them, especially in regards to finding space for their programmes in the community centre.

Action and Observations: 

We met in the community centre with the leaders of the music programme and Loreto to determine when we will be practicing for the concert and whether or not these practice times could eventually become permanent programme hours for the Green Light Project music group. During our discussion it came to our attention that the community centre has very few programmes to keep the children that come in there occupied. Loreto was therefore very receptive to our programme and offered us Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, between 2 and 4, as rehearsal hours. In this meeting we were also able to draw up a programme for the day of the concert and choose songs and performances that would take place during the concert.



Reflection and Learning:

Everyone now has an idea of how much work will be needed to make this concert a success and how much rehearsal has to be done. The leaders seemed enthusiastic about the possibility of everything being ready for the concert and the children seemed excited as well about the songs chosen. It was also great to get a resource like Loreto for the Green Light Project as she will be very important in getting space in the community centre, especially when it comes to youth related activities.

Moving Forward

We now have to stick to the plan to ensure that the concert is going to be successful on the 13th of December and ensure that the leaders and the children remain interested in the programme.




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