Process Narrative: Scenes

The whole FCW and WPI team

The whole FCW and WPI team














Over the course of this project, our team has written several scenes documenting our day to day activities and interactions with the people we have worked with. In this section you will find several of these scenes, which we have selected to publish because they represent important happenings in our project, shifts in our plans and objectives, and conversations with our co-researchers. The brief “snapshots” below will help guide you through each of these scenes, which are linked below.

WPI students can follow this link to view All Our Scenes (password protected).

Snapshots:  Descriptions of the Scenes

The first time our team met with our sponsor and advisors to discuss the progression of the project involved Putting It All On the Table. The meeting focused specifically on defining the project at hand, which we felt wasn’t going as we had anticipated.

FCW employees and our team were able to complete a First Walkthrough of Vygieskraal, in which we met several residents, observed the happenings of the settlement, and discussed the ECD programmes at the stadium.

Thinking Inside the Box summarizes a shift in our project objectives from what we had initially planned for. This was brought up in a meeting between our project advisors, FCW staff, and our team.

Branching Out in Vygieskraal: Meeting the Committee discusses how our team finally found co-researchers to work with on the project by meeting with the Vygieskraal Stadium Manager and a few Vygieskraal residents.

After having a few discussions with our co-researchers at the stadium, members of our team and FCW staff walked through Vygieskraal at the request of the residents so that they could meet the “face of the programmes” at the stadium in A People of Great Hope & A Hidden Paradise. In this walkthrough, the team also discovered a “hidden” crèche.

Our team facilitated a meeting between the Vygieskraal committee members and members of FCW in Combining Two Worlds: FCW Staff Meets the Committee. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss future ECD plans in Vygieskraal in the upcoming year.

FCW employees, our team, and our co-researchers set up a table in the settlement to promote the ECD programmes being held at the stadium in Goodbye for Now, and during that time ended up having lots of fun celebrating our last day with everyone!