This is the section that will likely vary the most between projects, as each will have very different outcomes. Your project may have some very tangible outcomes, such as a newly constructed structure or the launching of a new program. It also may have some less tangible outcomes, such as establishing a partnership between two stakeholders, or the empowerment of individuals in your community. Your accomplishments may also not be what you expected before beginning your project. Some projects meet all of their goals, while others accomplish many things (but just not the things that they had expected). Remember that every project accomplishes something! This page is intended to showcase these accomplishments.

One of the best ways to demonstrate your project accomplishments is through images. Use lots of pictures on this page. If your project team constructed something, show pictures from before and after so that people can see the difference. For the less “concrete” accomplishments for your work, find a creative way to illustrate them. Using images will not just tell your audience that you did something, it will show them. Be sure to discuss the intangible and tangible things that you accomplished. Maybe you built a structure, but you also built important relationships. Integrate both of these aspects into your accomplishments page.

For more information and some good examples of an accomplishments page, check out: