Research Questions

These questions were used to introduce us to WaSH, the work that the CTPC has done. This gave us context for all of our work and led us to ideas that we could bring to the planning and implementation of our project.


Sanitation Policies in South Africa

What government policies are there in regards to water, sanitation, and hygiene?

How will these polices affect the work that we are trying to accomplish?


Sanitary Infrastructure and Design

What toilet options are available for communities like Langrug?

What would the best sanitation option, taking social and sustainability into account?


Case Studies

How do similar projects in other communities compare to past projects in CTPC?

What successful attributes of past projects around the world can we incorporate into our own?


WaSH Sustainability in South Africa

How is sustainability viewed, specifically in South Africa?

What are the environmental, economical, institutional, and societal concerns with sustainability in South Africa?