Planning and Methods

The core theme that the Cape Town Project Centre promotes is Shared Action Learning or SAL, where we as students are not simply here to work on a project, but to engage with local communities and learn with them in the process. As a way to bring the essence of SAL to life, our team worked with different sets of co-researchers from the community to create a design for the re-envisioned Perseverance Park. Together we explored the design element possibilities for the park as well as delved into the community’s insight on the park, play in general, and the role the park could play in the community.

Our mission for this project was founded upon the understanding that we would work alongside the community. The success of our project would be determined by how much the community would be involved with during our time in Cape Town and after our departure. Outline in the links below are the objectives we hoped to meet when planning the project, some considerations about ethical matters relating to our project, and the questions which guided our research prior to arriving in Cape Town.

Read about our project’s Mission and Objectives, the Ethical Considerations and our Research Questions.