Act 4: WaSH Construction


Working Team Members:  Alfred, Amanda, Kholeka, Khungeka, Phumelisa, Siyanda, Trevor, Victoria, Zameka, Zodwa

CORC Representatives: Mwau Baraka, Oluwethu Jack, Aditya “Adi” Kumar

Municipality Representatives: David “Dawie” Carolissen, Harold Lamberts, Johru “Joey” Robyn, Hendri Steenberg

WPI Student Team: Brittany, Caryn, Juan, Megan, Michaella, Ralle, Sarah, Tim

WPI Advisor Team: Robert Hersh, Scott Jiusto

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After many weeks of planning, meetings and a lot of circular discussions, we were finally at the point where we could begin implementing something! Since the WaSH aspect of the MPC was not focused on much during the first several weeks, it was crucial that quick, careful decisions were made concerning its design and construction plan.


  • Jack worked along with the WPI students to develop a working design of the WaSH facility
  • Materials were quickly ordered as the building began to be constructed
  • Basic WaSH facility building was constructed!


These scenes occurred during the construction phase of the WaSH facility project.

Daily Construction Log

Below is a link to a daily log of construction progress as well as problems encountered throughout the process.

WaSH Construction Log [PDF, 8.88 MB]


Conversation with Koko

While building the WaSH facility, we’ve been constantly worried about its perceived value to the community. We have been afraid that the community may reject the facility and vandalise it once we leave especially since we did not get much community involvement in the whole process. Our conversation with a random community member named Koko seemed to confirm these fears. To read the full scene, click here.


The Farmers’ Strike in Langrug



When we arrived for what we thought would be another normal day in Langrug in 4 December 2012, we were met with many people lining the streets, rubble strewn on the sides of the road, a dead dog in the road and a hostile vibe. We were set back two days in our work due to a farmers’ strike in the Stellenbosch area. To read the full scene, click here.