The ikhankatha, or guardian and traditional nurse of the initiate, is highly regarded and is traditionally appointed by the family.  Today however, this is not always the case.  The Langa Initiation Site Committee has begun recommending well-respected ikhankathas to the community after learning of frauds where corrupt ikhankathas would go to the families of prospective initiates, and ask for money for supposed parts of initiation.  If the father of the family is not available, the mother will have to deal with this man, and will sometimes fall for this hoax because she is not aware of the details that are only known to men.  With that said, the site management cannot deny the entrance of an ikhankatha, and all ikhankathas appointed by the families are welcome into the site.

Formal training of ikhankathas is available in the areas around the Langa Initiation Site.  Health officials and site managers are now teaching a workshop to formally educate the ikhankathas, so that there may be consistency and a greater understanding of how to teach their young men to behave responsibly. During this training, ikhankathas are taught general health practices, how to address the issue of substance and alcohol abuse, and the lessons emphasize the need for the ikhankathas to lead by example.  This training has become necessary after reports of alcohol abuse, drug solicitation, and poor health practices by the ikankathas were confirmed by site managers during interviews.