The initiation ritual is a ceremony that symbolizes the transition from boyhood to manhood for many South African males of the amaXhosa, amaHlubi, and abeSuthu ethnic groups. It is an important tradition during which young males are circumcised and taught to be responsible men. The ritual has been practiced for hundreds of years in rural areas. However, in recent years, the initiation ritual has spread to urban environments, and with this shift, this sacred process has faced many challenges, including insufficient areas of suitable land and a lack of safe health practices.  Through research of the initiation culture and history, interviews, and analysis of the only formal initiation site in Cape Town, the team assisted in preparing a plan and implementation strategy for the development of the Good Hope College Initiation Site in Khayelitsha; a sign of the City of Cape Town’s commitment to the formalization and reservation of land for the sacred ritual of initiation.

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