Co-Research Teams

During our time in Cape Town, our team had the opportunity to work with a number of different youth from the MGV community!


Co-Research Team 1


Linton is the eldest of the co-researchers and is the only male of the group. He is interested in the physical implementation of the park redevelopment and is excited that things are underway. Linton also works various jobs throughout Cape Town, including security at Green Point Stadium.






Shannon is a mother of a five year old girl. They live across the street from Perseverance Park. She watches her daughter play in the park through her living room window. She wants to ensure that the park is a safe place for her daughter and her friends to play.





 Zelreese attended Village Tods crèche as a child and knows Teacher Booysen well. She gave insight on what it was like to attend school in MGV and how the crèche utilized the park in the past.







Shaniece is the mother of a three year old boy. They also live across from the park and are able to keep a watchful eye on park activity. Shaniece is an independent worker and brought new ideas to the park design.








Zoe is the youngest of the co-researchers at age sevente en. She is quiet and is close friends with the other girls on the research team.


Co-Research Team 2





Abdul is a 20 year old from Maitland. He is Naiela’s nephew. He is interested in drawing and Mechanical Engineering. He was eager to help with park design and implementation. Abdul is a fun spirited person and a pleasure to work with.





Ebraham has past experience working with WPI students in Maitland Garden Village. He enjoys producing music that he will hopefully be able to use in future park events!



Cheslyn is a member of the Maitland Garden Village community. He was interested in hearing about what we are studying as engineering majors as much as we were interested in hearing about his experience growing up in South Africa.