Project Resources

  • 2014 WPI Sizakuyenza Safe House Executive Summary – An abridged description of our IQP preparation and execution. This details our 14 week process walking through our background research, methodology, and accomplishments.
  • 2014 WPI Sizakuyenza Safe House Connecting With Small Communities – This document describes how we connected with the community of the Sizakuyenza Safe House which can be used as a resource instructing others in how to connect with applicable small communities.
  • Project Manuals – Guides how to construct various elements of our renovation of the Sizakuyenza Safe House yard with additional recommendations on how to improve our process.

                               – Playground Project Manual                    

                               – Garden Project Manual                    

                               – Drying Lines Project Manual                  

                               – Water Feature Project Manual                    

                               – Fence Project Manual

  • 2014 WPI Sizakuyenza Safe House Creche and Shed Portfolio – Synopsis of all the information our team compiled on creating a creche and shed. It contains a checklist of steps to follow when registering a creche as well as a site plan and conceptual designs for Sizakuyenza’s intended structure, and information on the suggested key players to contact and involve.
  • Preventative Maintenance Posters – Posters documenting recommended care of various features created in the renovation of the Sizakuyenza yard to be followed in order to prevent damage.