Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement:

The goal of this project was to work with the Maitland Garden Village community and the City of Cape Town City Parks Department to generate momentum within the community to create a design and implementation plan for the redevelopment of Perseverance Park.



1. Establish connections with co-researchers

a. Document our first day in MGV with our co-researchers using pictures.

b. Get to know each other by sharing our cultural backgrounds.

c. Share the research we have conducted over the term and ask for their input.

d. Discuss mutual expectations of the project and working together.

2. Assess Perseverance Park and other parks in Cape Town

a. Ask our co-researchers to show us around Perseverance Park and possibly other parks in Cape Town.

b. Show co-researchers park observation sheets and other assessment tools. Ask for feedback and redevelop as necessary.

c. Gather information on park use, functionality, and safety.

d. Analyze park equipment based on SPICE model.

3. Engage stakeholders with co-researchers

a. City Parks Department

1. Discuss park policy, safety considerations,

2. Discuss park development process.

3. Discussion on available resources.

b. MGV Community (Residents Association, MGV Residents, Green Light Project, etc)

1. Fantasy playscape design session.

2. Focus groups and discussions on past and future park use.

3. Discussion circle on safety concerns.

4. Asset Based Community Development

4. Incorporate research to formulate design ideas to present to the community

a. Create a visual layout of the park as it currently stands in a medium which has been discussed with our co-researchers.

b. Propose alternative fencing options.

5. Organize ideas from stakeholders and our own research into a final park design proposal

a. Work with co-researchers and stakeholders to finalize design elements.

b. Work with City Parks Department to prepare budget and timeline for project completion.

6. Begin initial stages of implementation

a. Find committed community members to keep project maintained after we leave.

b. Consider creating a manual specifying park maintenance strategies/guidelines.