Water Taps

Water taps are another important component that must be included in the WaSH facility. Currently there are two kinds of taps in Langrug: screw-taps and push-taps (Kenney 2011). Screw-taps require the user to twist a handle to get water, whereas push-taps require the user to push a button to begin water flow for five to ten seconds before button must be pushed again. Both of these designs require the use of hands to get water which could potentially cause the spread of disease and infection. “At different locations taps either stand alone or over a basin. Taps that are located over basins are often convenient for laundry purposes but do not allow enough room to fill up a five gallon pail of water” (Kenney 2011). Because of this, tap heigh should be an aspect in the design that should be looked into for the future WaSH facility. In 2011 the WaSH project group implemented a tap that used a foot peddle to get water. The foot peddle reduced the amount of hand-to-spigot contact making the system more sanitary and hygienic. Unfortunately soon after the 2011 group left, the pedal broke due to its flimsy design. Hopefully a new design for the proposed WaSH station will be sanitary, hygienic, and durable.

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