Building Your Project Website

Your project website takes the place of a standard IQP report, communicating your project’s context, goals, partners, process, and outcomes to the viewer. Using a website as a platform provides the opportunity for accessibility to a wider audience (not just CTPC students or advisors), as well as greater use of imagery: “showing” your project, rather than just explaining it.

The CTPC’s method of developing project websites has changed over the years, and this guide is meant to create greater consistency and navigability within and between different project websites. Although it provides a template for building your site, that does not mean that you must make your website look just like this one! Each project is different, and each website will be different, too! One of the best ways to get a sense of how a project website can turn out is to look through the websites of previous years’ projects. Although the sites continue to develop from year to year, past projects are going to be one of your most helpful resources!

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This website guide was written by Samantha Ervin, a 2014 alumni of the Cape Town Project Centre