Ethical Considerations

A large section of this website contains our view and reflections of events that have occurred during our time working on this project which contain interactions with various individuals including our co-researchers. The purpose of these scenes are to give readers an opportunity to see the internal workings of the project, leading up to the final outcomes. These have been written to avoid offence to individuals or groups.

Interviewing: One of the first engagements we had with the MGV community was to talk with the people about their feelings about the park. Our intent was to collect information about how people used the park now, thoughts on safety, and how they might like to use the park moving forward. Those we talked to were told about our intent and that we would be taking their input into consideration with our co-researchers to evaluate some next steps for the park. The information made available to the public about these interviews have only individual input from those who expressed consent. The rest of the information is a summary of the community’s feedback.

Park Observation: When touring parks in Cape Town we were careful of who and what we were taking pictures. We were mindful of the situations and people we were with to avoid any kind of offence or possible violations of privacy. The pictures of park equipment were taken without children playing on them to avoid any issues of taking pictures of children without consent.