Mission and Objectives

The goal of this project was to develop the Cape Town Project Centre’s ability to seize opportunities in promoting and improving Early Childhood Development with future projects. We achieved the following objectives by working with a variety of stakeholders associated with ECD in the Cape Town area:

  1. Connect with a variety of stakeholders such as, formal and informal crèches, and ECD related NGO’s to develop the CTPC’s ability to incorporate ECD in future project work in informal settlements.
  2. Learn about Kiddies College Preschool, a formal ECD centre, and develop relationships with the main stakeholders.
  3. Explore ways to improve record keeping operations with Kiddies College Preschool.
  4. Explore ECD related NGO’s, within the Cape Town area.
  5. Assess the record keeping system of Kiddies College and implement improvements.
  6. Assist in the teaching of the children of Kiddies College Preschool when requested.
  7. Explore further knowledge of ECD by working with a crèche in an informal settlement.