On the Langa site, a 2.4 metre high concrete palisade fence has been constructed in order to provide seclusion for the initiates.  This structure was built in 2009 at a cost of R1593 per metre. The fence has since been broken over the course of the past year in several spots by vandals who the Langa site manager believes are looking to create a shortcut across the site, rather than walking around the perimeter.  The break in the fence, which can be seen on the left side of the entrance gate is approximately 0,8 metres wide, implying that this hole is most likely not being used to transfer branches from the premises for burning purposes.  The fence has not since been repaired out of concern that it will merely be broken again.

Concrete Palisade Fencing

Double Gate Access at Langa

Two entrances, one pedestrian gate and one swinging gate are located away from major roadways. It was reported that the swinging gate entrance had been left unlocked in the past for vehicle entrance, consequently allowing for the dumping of trash, the cutting of trees, and other misuse of the land.

Animals Grazing on Khayelitsha Site

During the initiation off season in past years, the land has been illegally accessed for the grazing of cattle. As was discussed with the Langa management, the site should solely be used for initiation purposes as it is sacred land, and the gate is now kept locked to prevent the access of animals and dumping of trash.

The management team at Khayelitsha may have to deal with the occurrence of dumping on site, if the gate is left open, and if the gate is left locked, the fence may be broken.

Trashed Dumped on Langa Site

Trash Illegally Dumped in Langa

At the time of our visit, the site had recently been cleaned by the City of Cape Town in preparation of the approaching initiation season, however there were a couple small piles of trash and burnt tar implying that this trash had either been dumped recently, or that the cleaning was not completed.  The site is evaluated monthly by the Langa site committee during the initiation seasons, and is cleaned immediately before each initiation season.