Act 3: Setting the Wheels In Motion


Leslie Helps a Jakoef With The Cameras

Leslie Helps a Jakoef With The Cameras


Act 3 is the start of the end for The Big Issue team. There were many team dynamic changes, including losing one team member. Due to the personal nature of these changes, they will not be discussed on this website. Continuing work as a three member WPI group The Big Issue team had to remain strong and work as hard as possible to accomplish what was needed. A new vendor was brought under the mentor status due to her, enthusiasm, engaging personality, English language skills, and wonderful work ethic which was apparent after a twenty minute conversation on her first day of work. The vendor-run profile program was implemented through six meetings with the vendors that allowed the vendor mentors to teach through Shared Action Learning. Our team then documented the challenges of teaching computer skills to adult learners with little to no experience for future groups that work with The Big Issue. As a team we felt that we accomplished the start of the vendor-run profile program that will help both The Big Issue and its vendors.

Scene 1: Making a Business Deal

Scene 2: “It Is Such an Honor Having an Opportunity to Learn”

Scene 3: Taking It to the Streets

Scene 4: An Old House of Memories

Scene 5: Mentor Pilot Program

Scene 6: Vendors Have Their Voices Heard

Scene 7: Graduation Day

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