Reflection and Moving Forward

Act Reflections

Our first week and a half so far has been very interesting. Coming here, we expected to be entering a community that was well aware of the community-based organization that was set up last year through the 2011 MGV group. However what we experienced is a community-based organization that is just being introduced to the community and also an organization with a very shallow structure.
Even on the day where the CBO leaders were to introduce themselves formally to the community, we were disappointed that due to Sheila and Ronell being occupied, the Green Light Project was not formally introduced to the community until a day later. This informed us of the need for the other Green Light Project leaders to be more active. We realize that this might mean that some work will have to be done on management of the community-based organization so there is clear indication on who is in charge when the head leaders are not available.
Also we were disappointed with the way the tent, which was supposed to be used for the outreach purposes of the Green Light Project, had been turned into more of a retail tent for items having nothing to do with the CBO. After finding out that the items on sale were sort of a way to raise funds for the green light project, we realized that the action had intentions pertaining to the Green Light project. We however feel like they would have been much more successful if they put the Green Light Project on the forefront of these sales in order to even convince people to buy stuff from the Green Light Project stall instead of other stalls selling similar products.
Hence we have realized that our project has more depth to it than we initially expected. We have realized that a lot of work will have to go into developing the Green light project and preparing the community to be effective enough to be able to acquire the facilities needed as well as to know how to manage the facility effectively once they have acquired it. This will involve forming a community inclusive executive committee. This may require some amount of restructuring of the Green light Project as well as some ways to get the other organizations in the community to partner with the Green Light Project and hence we anticipate that for the second phase of work we will be working on making the executive committee a possibility in the near future in order for us to be able to move on to acquiring the desired venue.

Moving Forward into Next Act

With the above results from our first phase of activities with the Green light Project leaders and members, we have decided that better planning and structuring of the Green Light Project as well as more outreach is necessary to ensure that the goal of obtaining a help centre that can be sustained by the community can be reached.


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