Scene 2: Moving Forward with Enviro Loo

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


After being introduced to Enviro Loo, we have had some worries about the application of the technology. We have been hoping to meet with some engineers from Enviro Loo and discuss viability of Enviro Loo and our project.



Cafe in Cape Town


Cast of Characters:

WPI Advisors

Joe and Morgan from the WaSH Team


Shaun Andreasen, Garry Mckenna, and Mark La Trobe from Enviro Loo

Adi Kumar, Sizwe Mxobo, and Olwethu Jack from CORC



Joe, Morgan, Scott and Lorraine arrive at the cafe for the meeting. Shaun, Garry and Mark are already there. Everyone sits down as introductions begin. Joe and Morgan introduce themselves and the project. They begin asking the questions we have about Enviro Loo technology, and whether or not the system is going to be able to operate at the capacity that we need it to.

Joe shows the CAD drawings and we discuss our designs and the different interactions we have gone through with the community.

Scott takes over the conversation and begins discussing his concerns about capacity as well as the technical support and involvement that Enviro Loo will have in making the project as successful as possible. Gary, Shaun, and Mark offer their support.

Adi, Olwethu, and Sizwe arrive when the conversation returns to designs then moves on to the community timeline that we are working with.

The meeting ends with a commitment from Enviro Loo to be involved and offering design support as the project moves forward.


Reflection and Learning:

There has been uncertainty about how the project will move forward. As we get commitments from more people we become increasingly confident that Zwelitsha will get the toilet system that they need.