Process Narrative

This is the Acts and Scenes section of your website. This will give the narrative of your project as it develops. For information on writing scenes and examples, look at our Student Guide to Acts and Scenes.

When finalizing this part of your website, organize your acts and scenes into sub-pages. Each project tends to develop these a bit differently, but you will want to organize them somehow: whether chronologically (having each week as its own act) or thematically (having different acts for each thematic phase that your project goes through). Label acts and scenes to give the viewer an understanding of what these scenes cover. Finally, when your project is finished, go through your scenes and choose 4-5 that are key narratives for your project. Put these on your first (main) Acts & Scenes page, so that a reader can get a sense of the important events of your project without filtering through every scene.

For more information and some good examples of the process narrative, check out: