Project Resources

Over the course of the 7 weeks spent in Cape Town, our team created and compiled useful documents, proposals, and designs for the use of our project, as well as for future ones. Below are links to these items:

K2 Community Hall Project Notes, PDF (10.9 MB): This document is a detailed plan for the K2 community hall project. It includes plans for design, construction, shipping container logistics, management of the facility, and a guide on how to make a playground made of tires.

A Guide to Community Based Upgrading Projects in Informal Settlements, PDF (): This document is a more simplified and generic version of the K2 proposal, it is meant to be an interactive workbook where anyone working on an upgrading project in an informal settlement can use. It includes checklists, available resources, and useful templates to use during an upgrading project.

K2 Community Hall Sketches and Designs, PDF (4MB): This document includes the hand drawings of the proposed K2 community hall and the final CAD design finalized by CORC.

K2 Community Hall Proposed Budget, PDF (76 KB): This document includes the proposed budget for the K2 community hall, with a breakdown of all prices. 

Obtaining Quotations from Hardware Stores Template, PDF (32 KB): This is a template for filling out quotations at hardware stores. It also includes contact information for three hardware stores in Khayelitsha.

Bill of Materials Template, PDF (35 KB): This is a template used when filling out the bill of materials for the community hall. It is separated by sections and can be useful for getting quotes from hardware stores.

Budgeting Template, PDF (21 KB): This template was used to do the final budget for the community hall. It was done after getting quotes from three hardwares stores in Khayelitsha. It considers the material, the type, the size, the estimated quantity, the cost per unit, the total cost, and notes.

Making a Management Committee, PDF (116KB): This template includes management positions and descriptions for the community hall.

Register for Community Hall, PDF (29 KB): This is a register template for people that use the community hall.

Schedule for Community Hall, PDF (34 KB): This is a fillable template for the schedule of the community hall community hall. It includes space for every hour for community members to sign up.

Shipping Container Information Spreadsheet, PDF (33 KB): This document includes a list of shipping container companies, along with quotes for each company for 6 metre shipping containers.

Useful Conversions, PDF (35 KB): This document includes conversions from South African to American units.

City Fund Application, PDF (98 Kb): This document is used in CORC upgrading projects to apply for funding.  It is to be filled out with community members and includes their plan for the project.

 Labor Quote Sheet, PDF (45 KB): This is the spreadsheet used by CORC to obtain quotes from community members with construction skills.

CORC Transport and Provision Form, PDF (400 KB): CORC uses this form to keep track of which community members attend meetings and how much they will be paid for their time.

SA SDI Alliance Register Form, PDF (292 KB): This is a register for anyone involved in a meeting for upgrading projects through CORC. All people involved in the project must sign this.