Meet the Greywater Team

The WPI Students

The students who took part in this project were all third-year undergraduates from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). The project was a degree requirement known as the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP), which “challenges students to address a problem that lies at the intersection of science or technology with social issues and human needs.”[18] The students involved in this project were:

  • Lauren Harris
  • Andrea Kates
  • Timothy Momose
  • Chris Overton


The Co-Researchers

The Langrug residents who partnered with the WPI students in the project work are known as co-researchers. The co-researchers acted as equal partners with the WPI students, and will carry on the work of greywater upgrading through 2012 with support through a co-researcher scholarship provided by WPI. The co-researchers are:

  • Kholeka Xuza
  • Sibongile Xenxe
  • Sinazo Ndabambi
  • Trevor Masiy



The project advisors are professors from WPI who accompanied the WPI students and guided them in their work. The advisors for this project are:

  • Scott Jiusto
  • Steven Taylor