Scene 4: Meeting with Sponsor

Back story:

Throughout our time working on the project, we have continued to have weekly meetings with our advisors and sponsors, varying by location and time on occasion. The meeting is a chance to update both advisors and sponsors on the progress made over the previous week that may otherwise be unknown. Along with an update, the meeting serves as a chance to reflect and brainstorm on where the next step may lie.

Cast of Characters: MGV Team, Scott, Bob, Ronell

Key “Take Home” Points

  • The team will begin the new music programme the following day.
  • There are two young adults interested in working with the programme.
  • The final presentation will be at a concert on the 13th of December.
  • It is important that we find who our proposal is intended for.
  • The team needs more specific information from Ronell

Action and Observation

After meeting with potential leaders of a music programme we wish to design and implement, the team gathered with Ronell as Scott and Bob came to begin our weekly sponsor meeting. Like all meetings before, there was an agenda designed for the meeting that would work to guide its focus. As we had been working mostly on the proposal for a venue, the first part of the meeting was to address the comments and concerns in regards to the most recent edition. Bob went through a few comments he had that focused on several components of the draft and a there was a small discussion that followed. After the comments had been addressed and explained, the topic of the music programme surfaced. As we had just finished meeting with a few interested individuals and saw the children perform with singing and choreographed dancing, it was decided that it would be beneficial to the organisation to continue and design a programme outline and plan. This could be used as an example for future programmes. It was mentioned that the children would meet with the leaders the following day at the community centre and begin preparing for a concert. Scott suggested that the concert be used to present the final results of the project. Looking forward to designing and implementing a programme, the team also spoke with Ronell to ask for specific information regarding the Green Light Project such as a budget and weekly schedule. She said she would have the information for the team within the next few days.


This meeting was not exactly as we had expected going into it. The team was hoping for some more solid feedback on the proposal and information from Ronell. Looking at the proposal, it is difficult at this point to fully assess its direction and focus as many aspects of the project continue to change with new tensions and difficulties. There will still be plenty of work to go into the final product before it is ready. Along with edits, there must be a concrete direction and destination for the proposal as the team gathers information pertaining to the various venue options. In regards to the music programme, the team has been hopeful and continues to look forward to work with the children of the village towards a final presentation and community concert. We hope to raise awareness of proper programme planning and awareness for the Green Light Project within the community.



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