New Project Partners

Our work in Langrug had drawn the attention of several organisations who wished to get involved in our project.  Creating new partnerships and restoring old ones will help to ensure the successful implementation of our project after we leave Cape Town.

The Municipality of Stellenbosch

Though WPI had worked previously on projects in Langrug with the Municipality of Stellenbosch, the project this year was primarily conducted without their sponsorship.  We reconnected with them toward the end of the project and explored possibilities of partnering with them further in the future.

Johru “Joey” Robyn

Joey has been our primary contact with the Municipality.  He has given us useful advice regarding our proposal for the Zwelitsha facility, and will be facilitating the municipality’s involvement in the future of the project.


Touching the Earth Lightly

DSCN6178Stephen Lamb

Stephen Lamb is an experienced designer and the founder of Touching The Earth Lightly (TTEL).  His non-profit organsation is dedicated to developing respectful relationships between humans and the earth while finding sustainable solutions to urban problems.  Stephen worked with a 2012 WPI team of students on developing Rooftop Gardens for Sustainable Livelihood in Cape Town.   Stephen is keenly interested in the design and implementation of the Zwelitsha WaSH facility and innovation centre after we leave.

For more information about Stephen and TTEL, visit the TTEL website.


Enviro Loo


Enviro Loo is a company that manufactures a dry sanitation toilet that is used around the world.  Their sustainable technology allows those with little to no access to proper sewer lines to have access to basic sanitation.  Among many other locations, Enviro Loo has toilets on top of Signal Hill, a major tourist attraction in the City of Cape Town.  Click here to read about our experience visiting this facility.

Read more about how the Enviro Loo system works here.

Shaun Andreason

Shaun is a representative of Enviro-Loo, a company that provides dry sanitation toilets.  Shaun is very eager to work with the local government to provide dry sanitation to informal settlements.  We worked with Shaun throughout the process to establish Enviro Loo’s role in the implementation of the Zwelitsha facility.  Shaun will continue to be the primary contact with Enviro Loo after we leave and will help facilitate the installation and operation of the toilets.