Scene 2: Scott’s Discovery


The WaSH team presented two plausible locations for the Enviro Loo facility to the Zwelitsha community. These locations are concrete slabs, one rectangular-shaped and another square-shaped, that were previously used for chemical toilets. It seemed convenient to use these empty spaces for the Enviro Loo toilets. However, we soon learned that there is another possible location that may work out even better.


WaSH facility and Zwelitsha


Co-researchers, WPI team, Olwethu, Scott, Nobathembu


We have our weekly meeting with Scott and CORC, along with Nobathembu, Funeka, and Noncedo. We discuss two proposed layouts for the two facility sites, passing around CAD drawings of the layouts. After some discussion among the groups, we decide that the rectangular site was probably the best option, so everyone went up to visit the site.

As we got to the site, Scott noticed a shack across the dirt road that had a large yard and a flat surface that would be perfect for a facility. Nobathembu mentioned that the person living there might be willing to relocate to another place. We are a bit confused about the sudden discovery of this space. We had not thought about using someone else’s property for the new facility. After some motivation from Scott, we become excited about the prospect of this location, and the WaSH team begins measuring the site.


Up until this moment, we had thought that the community would only be deciding between two concrete slabs. The WaSH team had never even thought about using the new option because there is a shack and a car currently occupying the space. At first, Scott’s suggestion seemed outrageous to us because we thought we would have to ask the person in shack C91 to move. However, we soon found out that the community leaders had already talked to the shack owner. We realized the shack C91 area would be more convenient because it is on a flat surface. The facility would also be easier to design.