Greywater Health and Maintenance

While waiting for the MPC to move into the implementation phase, we engaged the Working Team in a discussion about the greywater channels. Governmental funding provides the Working Team with a stipend for this task, but the Municipality had recently expressed frustration over the inconsistent cleaning. We discovered that the team had not been fulfilling this daily duty because of health concerns, including rashes and the risk of bacterial infections, resulting from their lack of protective gear. We approached the Municipality with this issue and discovered that though the Working Team felt they had expressed their concerns, the Municipality was unaware of the problem.

Boots, gloves, and facemasks were subsequently purchased for each team member. This simple remedy highlighted the disconnection between partners and how the partnership could be improved if communication and reporting were more frequent and direct. We also worked with the team to develop a cleaning schedule, tool maintenance procedure, and a personal hygiene checklist. This provided an opportunity for the Working Team to develop reporting skills and also demonstrated the team’s interest in personal sanitation.