The WaSH-Services Team:Team WaSH-Serv



Nathan George was raised in Fort Myers, Florida and is a junior in Robotics Engineering at WPI. He is President of the Society of Asians Scientists and Engineers and is involved with Kung Fu, Christian Bible Fellowship, and Yugioh. He enjoys fishing, tennis, working out, and hanging out with friends.

FUN FACT: Nathan can jump really high!








DanielleDanielle Haley is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering who hails from Palmer, MA. At WPI, she is involved in Phi Sigma Sigma Women’s Fraternity, Habitat for Humanity, the Student Calling Center, and Society of Women Engineers. Danielle enjoys trying new foods and visiting new places!

FUN FACT: Danielle says many analogies “TOO MANY SOUPS IN DA KITCHEN I MEAN COOKS”









Mollie Myers, born in Bowling Green, Ohio, currently hails from Lutherville, Maryland. She is a junior studying biomedical engineering with plans to attend medical school after graduation. In addition to her studies, Mollie is involved in Alpha Gamma Delta Women’s Fraternity, the Panhellenic Council, Student Alumni Society (SAS), and Women’s Rugby. In her rare spots of free time, she likes reading books, sleeping, baking and telling corny jokes.

FUN FACTS: Mollie loves avocado on everything and loves Christmas music.







HeatherHeather Ullery, originally from Scotch Plains, New Jersey, is a junior at WPI studying Psychological Sciences. While at school she is involved in many extracurricular activities including the Rockets Dance Team, Crimson Key, the Trustee Mentor Program, and Alpha Xi Delta Women’s Fraternity. Her hobbies include reading, dancing, and cooking.

FUN FACT: Heather hopes to be a teacher one day!









We worked side-by-side with WaSH-UP Business Operations as well.









ScottOur advisor, Scott Jiusto, is Associate Professor of Geography in WPI’s Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division. He began his career in the WPI Global Projects Program by teaching ID 2050 classes. He has previously been involved in outreach projects in third world countries, such as recycling efforts, while working with communities.

In 2007, he established the Cape Town Project Centre after a conversation with a group who had returned from the Namibia Project Centre. Scott has been both the site director and advisor for the Cape Town Project Centre since its establishment.

Scott understands and enjoys the challenges of facilitating community sustainable projects that involve students, communities, local governmental agencies, and civic organisations. His trustworthy reputation is well established in Langrug and the community anticipates each of his visits.

FUN FACT: Scott loves Ethiopian cuisine!




This is Steve McCauley’s first year co-advising the Cape Town Project Centre projects. Steve brings a fresh, innovative perspective to the projects! As an Adjunct Teaching Professor in the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division with experience in Environmental Science and Policy, his work focuses on sustainable community development, environmental planning, and energy transitions. Steve is interested in promoting sustainable energy systems and green local economies through collaborative planning and action research.

FUN FACT: A popular slogan in South Africa is “Don’t be a Steve” but we encourage you to be one like him!