Scene Four: Weekly Meeting with our Sponsors

Backstory: Our team has been working on the formatting of the proposal in a way that is visually appealing. While we have revised different versions of the proposal and increased pictures, we were hoping to gain further direction on the formatting.

Attendance: Crispin Barrett, Megan Lukas, Caitlin Donovan, Tara Meinck, Shahbaz Soofi, Sarah Thayer, Sheila Galant, Martin Julies

Meeting Agenda:

  • To do:
    • Liesbeek River Trip
    • Final presentation
      • In MGV
      • With Ossie
    • Final proposal edits
      • Send to Scott and Bob today
      • Send to Juan and Crispin right after
  • Brochure
    • As appendix
    • Walking tour brochure or tourist site
  • Formatting
    • Changed: Layout, added lots of pictures
    • Pictures: Any constraints with Black and White?
    • Discuss: Report versus book
To read the minutes from this meeting, click here [PDF, 229 KB]


This was an important meeting for our team because it was the last sponsor meeting we were scheduled to have. Although it is understandable that our advisors are managing a lot of challenges with other projects, it was disappointing for them to not be able to make it. We were, however, happy to hear that the meeting attendees enjoyed the way our project was coming out. They thought the visuals and formatting looked good. Sheila was particularly interested in the brochure and we were happy to hear that she wanted the brochure to include MGV and Oude Molen, since that signifies a budding relationship.

For final tasks, our team is also excited to tour the Liesbeek River since last year’s project team noted its importance. We are, however, concerned about our final presentation in MGV. There has been a heavy emphasis on visually representing the pathway and there will not be a projector available for the final project.  We will be discussing different options for this presentation with advisors.