Two toilets are recommended to be constructed at the Good Hope Initiation Site.  Currently, initiates have been reported to dig holes on the site premises, and then fill them back in.  This is an unsanitary method that can draw flies and other potential infection and disease vectors. Given the challenges with toilets in Khayelitsha, the team has left the decision regarding the type of toilets to be constructed to the Department of Social Development.

In the case of installation, recommendations have been made as to the location of the toilets. The toilets should be located in close proximity to the shower tower to ensure that the initiates will be able to wash their hands after using the facility.  They will preferably be placed closer to the car gate and car drive way along the fence so that all maintenance for the type of toilet system chosen can be performed without coming into unnecessary contact with initiates.  The toilets should be located on the side opposite the showers from the initiates to help ensure that they are far enough away to assure no cross-contamination of areas – i.e. avoid shower water running near toilets, or any problems of contaminating shower or hut areas should toilets malfunction or not be regularly serviced.  Health professionals and appropriate agencies should be consulted.

Important to note is the location of the nearest sewer line, which is located along the side of Mew Way Road, opposite the proposed initiation site.  Any system that requires connection with this line will likely also incur considerable expenses.