Below is a list of other individuals we interacted with during our time in Cape Town. Although we only had one interaction with many of these characters, they were very important in progressing our project.

The Big Issue’s Strategic Partners

Sebastian and David, from Gravity Ideas, are The Big Issue’s strategic partners. As a team, they have already helped The Big Issue design “smart bibs” [an online payment option using QR codes on vendor’s bibs(uniforms)] for the vendors and expand ideas for the new vendor online marketplace. We had the opportunity to work with them for one meeting. They had great insight into what is considered desirable content for a webpage. We kept their suggestions in mind as we framed how to develop our vendor-run profile page program.

Social Media Agency

Neelan and Harry, from Nano Social Media, are consultants who will help The Big Issue expand their presence on social media and promote the new website platform. They will also be providing technical training for the vendors after we leave and teach them how the online profile works

Web Developers

Gys and Carl, from FireID, are website developers who have consulted with The Big Issue to plan the website platform for the vendor profiles. Our team worked with them to create the visual template for the website platform.