Notable Organisations

Environmental and Heritage Management

We worked regularly with Crispin Barrett and Juan Nomdo in the Environmental and Heritage Management department.  Clive James also met with us several times.  This department is the sponsor of the pathway project.


The Green Light Project

The Green Light Project is a community based organization in MGV.  There are nine committees that reflect MGV’s strengths such as sports, gardening and dancing.  We worked with Sheila and Ronell Trout to understand the community needs for the pathway project.


Parks and Recreation

We met with Pauline McConney in the Parks and Recreation department to understand the logistics of a gardening agreement and transferring land from Property Management to Parks.


Property Management

We met with Johan de Goede and Raafiq Kolia in the Propery Management department to discuss the driving range land for a potential community garden.  We also wanted to know about transferring the land to the Parks and Recreation department for this purpose.

Storm Water

We met with Peter Koen from the Storm Water department in order to understand the invasive water hyacinth issue along the Black River.  This was useful information for our project because, in the future, the water hyacinth could be used for other developments such as composting.

Sustainable Livelihoods Network

We presented at a Sustainable Livelihoods Network meeting to start introducing our project to multiple departments.  Sustainable Livelihoods is a department that promotes initiatives for livelihoods in an environmentally friendly way. At the meeting, we also obtained feedback on both our project and our presentation.


TRUP Committee

We presented to the TRUP Committee, a coalition of residents invested in the areas of TRUP,  during a regular meeting to gain feedback on our project and our presentation.  This was to introduce our project to members of the TRUP community and practice for the TRUP Steering Committee meeting.


TRUP Steering Committee

We presented to the TRUP Steering Committee, which is a committee of various city and province officials, politicians, and select members of the TRUP committee. Here, we introduced our project to many relevant stakeholders.  We also aimed to gain useful feedback on our project to incorporate into the proposal.