Green Light Program Committees

Of their own accord and ideas, these are the program committees formed by the Garden Village.

Caron-Lee (Standing)


Members: Caren-Lee, Jamie-Lee, Kershia

Mission: Raise awareness of issues including HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, and abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, verbal)

Projects: AIDS Awareness Presentation on 15 December 2011 in the Methodist Church Hall

Leader: Caren-Lee Van Roodt

Age: 19

Hobbies: Politics, music, reading, writing, networking

Reasons: The reason for partaking in this campaign is because I believe that the Garden Village has the potential to become and lead many people into success and possible leaders, by addressing social issues such as HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, goal realisation etc.


Roben (Right)


Members: Roben, Alistair, Nathan, Neagan, Lucinda

Mission: Practice instrumental and vocal music

Projects: Gaining instruments to be rented to the youth

Leader: Roben Japhta

Age: 21

Hobbies: Singing, reading, helping others

Reasons: The reason why I like it is because there’s lots of children with talent and they’re too shy to show it and I think I can help them show it to others/the community that they can do it. And maybe one day they can achieve all their dreams if they follow their heart.




Members: Margaret, Elenore, Elaine, Macey, Sheila, Ronell

Mission: Raise money for the other committees to purchase equipment

Projects: Boers worst sale on 2 December and 9 December – money raised being used towards painting the Methodist Church Hall

Leader: Margret Van Der Westhuizen

Age: 42

Hobbies: Candle Making

Reasons: I can make a difference by helping the community by feeding the kids and our elderly people, because I don’t want to see our kids go hungry. This is for me to see that these people are seen to.


Germalowdean (Standing right)

Germalowdean (Standing right)


Coach: Germalowdean Rezant

Mission: Support a competitive under-nineteen youth soccer programme

Projects: Street Soccer on Beatty Ave on 15 December

Leader: Gemarlow Dean Rezant

Age: 24

Hobbies: Soccer and riding horses

Reasons: The reason why I want our children to play soccer is because some of the youth have dropped out of school and I would like them to play and let them recognise the talent that they have and to go further in life and make a better future for them, I really would like it to take place.




Members: Bernodean, Ryan, Charlton, Ashney

Mission: Choreographed and freestyle dancing led by a youth instructor

Projects: Compiling music to begin choreography

Name: Bernodean Van Der Westhuizen

Age: 17

Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, hanging out with my friends

Reasons: The reason why I’m doing this is actually to help other kids out so that they can show their potential talent. I’m doing this project not just for myself but to help make the community a better and peaceful place for others. I want nothing but the best for this community. Kids have talent but they don’t want to use it to show it to others.




Members: Esmeralda, Lucia, Lena, Fiona

Mission: Hold different fitness classes based on demand (walking, spinning, zumba, yoga, aerobics)

Projects:  Finalizing details for walking programme (supplies & advertising)

Name: Esmeralda Kleyn

Age: 43

Hobbies: Hiking, sports, music, gardening

Reasons: With my skills as a trainer in fitness I wish to or want to get people excited to look after themselves physically.




Leader: Nathan Hardenberg

Mission: Lead beautification of the community by cleaning up yards and planting gardens

Projects: Starting gardening/beautification projects on 15 December









First Aid and Homecare:

Members: Miriam, Devona, Janine, Shadika, Dawn, Carol

Mission: Care for elderly residents of Maitland Garden Village by carrying out simple tasks such as washing, cutting nails, restocking toiletries, and cleaning the house.

Projects: Obtaining the necessary supplies needed to begin their care






(Photo of leader not available)

Drum Majorettes

Leader: Natasha Hendricks

Mission: Practice new dances so that the team may be competitive

Projects: Working to get the necessary uniforms for all participants