Mission and Objectives


This project was intended to expand early childhood development opportunities in Flamingo Heights by engaging the community in substantial efforts to support the Little Paradise Educare Centre. With the help of our partners, the primary goal was to assist in the formal registration and business logistics of the crèche, work with parents and community leaders to realize the crèche’s full potential, and provide a viable and sustainable model for future management and growth of early childhood development centres in informal settlements throughout South Africa.



In drawing off of the Participatory Development and Adaptation Process (PDAP) constructed by the 2014 Flamingo Project Team, we designed our project objectives as a fluid process centred around connection and collaboration.  PDAP was originally constructed to involve ”all partners in an improvisational design and construction process that sought to best utilize each partners’ assets and expertise” (CTPC Flamingo, 2014). We adapted their process to cater to the next phase of establishing an ECD Centre:


Our adaptation of PDAP


Connect and Collaborate:

Form trusting relationships with our sponsor, the governing body of the crèche, community leaders, parents, and other partners to utilize the network of organizations and resources available for the advancement of Little Paradise Crèche through clear communication.


Recognize Context:

Recognize different views people have about the crèche to understand the community members’ perception of Little Paradise Educare Centre and the role it plays in Flamingo Heights.


Initiate the Registration Process:

Advance Non-Profit Organisation Registration, Partial Care Facility Registration, Early Learning Programme Registration, and Subsidy Registration.


Develop Sustainable Business Strategies:

Enhance legitimate business strategies such as budgeting, organization, and record keeping in practice of becoming an official organisation.


Implement and Secure Funding:

Inquire about funding opportunities available and those best suited for the area to secure funding for the crèche.


Facilitate Management:

Facilitate an active governing body and crèche staff to effective crèche management.


Document Crèche Resources:

Generate a sustainable model for ECD registration through documentation of necessary steps, policies, and procedures created during the process.