Scene Two: Weekly Meeting with our Sponsors

Backstory: This week, Scott could not attend the meeting and neither could Sheila and Ronell, so our team met at 44 Wale with our sponsors and Bob.  At this point, we had begun planning documents to lay the framework for our proposal.  This was helping us to understand how to link the ideas we had. We were still a little uncertain about how our proposal was going to look structurally and were hoping to gain useful feedback on it in this meeting.

Attendance: Crispin Barrett, Juan Nomdo, Bob Hersh, Sarah Thayer, Tara Meinck, Caitlin Donovan, Shahbaz Soofi

Meeting Agenda:

  • Review of last week
    • Met with
      • Parks
      • Property management
      • Storm Waters
      • MGV’s Green Light Project and Residents Association
      • Continued mapping
      • Steering Committee Meeting
  • Proposal
    • Proposal outline review
      • Does this work?
      • What needs to be added or changed?
    • Proposal content review
      • Ten features
      • Set up of ten features
      • Potential overlap
  • Future plans
    • Meet with Quinton from Parks
    • Meet with Alderman Watkyns, Chair of Pinelands Sub Council
    • Trip to Langa with Basil
    • Finish up first draft of proposal – send Tuesday (who?)
    • Meeting in MGV?
    • Any suggestions?  Tying up loose ends

To read the minutes from this meeting, click here [PDF, 231 KB]

The organsation of this meeting was a little confusing since Scott and Bob cancelled our regular meeting in MGV.  Our team still felt it important to meet with our sponsors because we had a lot of important meetings in the previous week as well as our presentation to the Steering Committee.  In the meeting, we had a good conversation about these meetings and discussed some ideas for our proposal based on these, as noted in the minutes.  It was interesting to hear Juan and Crispin’s reaction to some of the information we gave them, for example, when we told them the cost of removing the water hyacinth.  They thought that R600,000 seemed really low, but we would not have known to question this in our meeting.

Talking about our proposal was really helpful as well. They seemed to think that we had some promising ideas and said our layout was fine. We are excited to put these ideas into an actual proposal and interested in hearing their feedback on our first draft.