Crèche Registration

After construction of a crèche, the next important step is to get the facility registered. When registering an ECD facility in South Africa, there are four different necessary registration processes.

1. Non-Profit Organisation

In order to get registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), the organisation must create a constitution. This establishes the organisation a legal entity. After the constitution is drafted and signed by all members of the governing body, the organisation can apply for NPO status. This is the first registration to be completed, because the organisation is required to have NPO status in order to apply for Partial Care Facility Registration.

Apply Online for NPO Registration here:

2. Partial Care Facility

Partial Care Facility Registration is completed through the Department of Social Development (DSD). The principal and governing body will need to collaborate with a social worker from the local DSD office and go over the specific requirements for this application. This will allow all parties to understand the steps for the application, what has been completed already, and what still needs to be completed.

This application is quite lengthy and has many sequential steps.

See DSD Partial Care Facility Checklist for guidance.

Forms necessary to complete the checklist can be found on the Resources page.

3. Early Learning Programme

The next step is to submit an Early Learning Programme, which will allow the crèche to become an Early Childhood Development Centre. A copy of the educational programme that the centre will use throughout the year needs to be submitted to the Department of Social Development. This will detail a weekly programme, which will also include a day-to-day schedule of events.

The Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU) offers many resources on drafting an Early Learning Programme:

4. Government Subsidy

Once the processes outlined above have been completed, the Early Childhood Development Centre will be able to apply for government subsidy. This requires contacting the Department of Social Development for inquiries.