Act 3: Working with Langrug

Cast of Characters:

Nobathembu, ECDC Team, WaSH Team, David, WaSH Caretakers, Children of Langrug, and Owetu (“Jack”)

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After being integrated into the Langrug community, we realized the importance of hygiene in crèches.  One way to tackle such a large issue was by focusing on something small but impactful,  hand-washing. Originally, we were only going to be working with one crèche. However, as we learned more about politics we realized the importance of including everyone. We were able to contact each crèche and put on an activity that encouraged hand cleaning as well as giving the children a reason to come back to the crèche.

Getting To Know Nobathembu


After talking with the WaSH team and observing Nobathembu’s crèche, we realized the importance of hand washing. We believe it will be beneficial to connect the crèches of Langrug to the WaSH facility to foster a culture around sanitation at a young age. To gauge interest on this idea we had a meeting with Nobathembu.

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A Lunch With David


Earlier this week, the WaSH team had set up a lunch meeting with David Molorane, the owner of Batho’s Place. David is extremely involved with the Langrug community in various ways. The reason for this meeting was to talk to him about his knowledge of health training. We tagged along was because we were interested in his efforts to start building a new crèche for Langrug.

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All Hands On Deck


We had gotten the boards prepared; they were cut, painted, and ready for handprints.  Nobathembu had contacted the crèches for us and they would be arriving at the WaSH facility today at 11am and 1pm prepared to participate in the activity.

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