Meet the Team

Meet the 2010 Spazatiers

The 2010 Spaza Team is made up of four students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, located in the United States. The team has two project advisors in Scott Jiusto and Robert Hersh. The team has two organisations sponsoring the project in the Triple Trust Organisation (TTO) and the Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU). The two sponsor liaisons through the TTO are Donovan Pedro and Stanley Hendricks. As for the VPUU, the liaison is Andreas Gensicke.

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Name: Likuvi Chebelyon-Dalizu

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Interest in Spaza Shops: I’m thankful to be selected to work on the Strengthening Spaza Shops project over two others projects that I expressed interest in, those others being the Initiation Site Development and Supporting Early Child Development. I was interested on how the dynamic system of economics could run itself in a seemingly disorganized community. Through research, we determined that this sector has the potential of greatly improving the welfare of the entire community, and it’s fascinating to see that these people’s ambitions prevail in the lowly of conditions.

Favorite items to buy from spaza shops: Guavas, Bananas and Avocados

Name: Zack Garbowitz

Major: Computer Science, Interactive Media & Game Development

Interest in Spaza Shops: I came to Cape Town for the opportunity to work in the informal settlement Monwabisi Park, and try to make a difference in the lives of the people here. Through this project I’ve found spaza shop owners to be persistent, determined, dynamic, and admirable people struggling to advance themselves in incredibly trying circumstances. I hope that our work has helped to stimulate further development in the economy of Monwabisi Park, and assist all the people in the settlement. I also have a passion for fruit and veg.

Favorite item to buy from spaza shops: Biscuits of Excellence

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Name: Alexandra Hause

Major: Biomedical Engineering

I came to Cape Town to work on a project that would positively impact peoples lives.  Through working with members of Monwabisi Park I have seen first hand how people are able to make the best of some difficult situations.  I hope that our work helping spaza shops will work to improve the lives of more than just the shop owners, but members of the community as well.

Favorite item to buy from spaza shops: Simba Chips

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Name: Devin Thomas

Major: Computer Science

Spaza shops have a huge influence to the informal settlements and they give opportunities for people to become entrepreneurs. I have an interest in businesses and this is a great opportunity to help small businesses grow and become successful. I hope that I have helped shop owners hopeful that their shop can thrive into the future.

Favorite item to buy from spaza shops: Lemon Twist

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