Document Resources for Future Use

IMG_3237A key piece in the informal settlement upgrading process is the procurement of various resources that can benefit the community.  Some of these resources include, but are not limited to, contacts within the government and NGO’s, meeting minutes, stakeholder conversations, enumeration data, ID and grant information, and CAD layouts.  Considering the vast amount of available resources, effective compilation is helpful to avoid losing track of a phone number or a map, for example.

Organising resources sets up the future for success.  This can be done in many different ways, some of which include:

  • File cabinet
  • Resource binder
  • File digitization

Each method can be used effectively depending on the circumstances.    It is important to keep multiple copies of each resource.  Using a master-copy system or having separate copies for each stakeholder are effective solutions to prevent the loss of information.  In Flamingo Crescent, we are using the Resource Binder as well as digitizing some key documents such as CAD files, savings, and enumeration data.  We plan on giving a Resource Binder to the community as well as leaving one for CORC and ISN’s use.

Click here to see our Flamingo Crescent Resource Binder