Learning by Example: Case Studies

In addition to the wealth of information gathered by the previous WPI IQP and MQP teams, efforts to redevelop water and sanitation infrastructures beyond Monwabisi Park’s borders were also a valuable source of considerations for our project. We recognized that progress is made most efficiently by learning from the successes and failures of previous endeavors, and consulted a variety of case studies, including those outlined here, in order to apply their lessons to our own research and design.

Effective Community-Led Redevelopment: Karachi, Pakistan (Hasan, 2002)

Infrastructure after Rapid Urbanization: Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Chen & Solon, 2004)

Wastewater Treatment through Constructed Wetlands: Florence, Italy (Masi & Martinuzzi, 2007)

The MobiSan Project: Pooke se Bos Settlement, Cape Town