Process Narrative: Our Journey

This section documents our journey in the informal settlement of Langrug from beginning to end.

Throughout our time in Langrug, we will be documenting our experiences and project progress in a theatrical Acts and Scenes form. Our Acts will function as thematic overviews of our scenes, which take place over a day or a few days .

Each Act will designate a different larger movement within our project, starting with connecting and researching with the community,moving to planning and eventually implementing our project goals and objectives, and finally evaluating our project.

Similarly, our scenes will tell about our stories and events from each day, documenting our setting, backstory, cast of characters, scene, and reflection. We hope these scenes capture the moments we spend with the community, our daily interactions, and our overall reactions as the project progresses.

Act 1: Connecting and Planning

Act 2: Acting and Creating

Act 3: Implementing

Act 4: Observing and Re-Evaluating

Act 5: Saying Goodbye