Housing Report

The following pages are a compilation of the research that our team has done regarding improved housing for the redevelopment of Monwabisi Park. This report goes through many different steps of redevelopment such as existing conditions, various building technologies, building layouts, promoting self-help and prioritizing housing assistance, material costs and even maintenance.

Goals for Housing

The ultimate goal of this report is to develop a plan that can guide redevelopment planning in Monwabisi Park and lead to new, high quality homes. In compiling the opinions of community members and key stakeholders, this report aims to lay the foundation for sustainable, functional structures that better serve the community’s needs.

The following is a proposal of our suggestions along with the suggestions of the WPI Planning and WPI Water and Sanitation teams.

Redevelopment Seed Proposal (PDF)

Housing Report Main Page

  1. Background
  2. Plan Implementation
  3. Design Considerations
  4. Proposed Designs
  5. Logistics
  6. Costs of Construction
  7. The Indlovu Project Redevelopment Seed
  8. Ownership, Management and Maintenance
  9. Enforcement, Tenure and Rent

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Printable Version: 2009 Buildings Team Housing Report (pdf)

Author: WPI CT09 Buildings