Ethical Considerations

Ethical considerations must be taken into account for any project that works to impact a community. It is important to keep the interest of the community members at the forefront so boundaries are not over stepped. A few questions are listed below that address concerns with the use of technology in developing communities:

  • How will this knowledge be used?
  • Will our co-researchers know the risks of having an online persona?
    • Online: Identity theft, Phishing, the dangers of the Internet
    • Offline: Physical harm or theft due to possession of technology
  • How will this training possibly impact communities in a negative manner?
  • How could different cultures and backgrounds impact the outcome of this project in a negative manner?
  • What are possible negative outcomes of referring women to Internet access points within their communities
  • Who will have access to the database of email addresses of the graduates of the program?

Another important consideration taken was to utilize peer and project-based learning in order to avoid a typical, hierarchical approach where we as outsiders would simply teach others what we believe they should know and then leave. This method can be very disempowering and does not allow for sustainability of a programme or opportunities for deep human interaction.