In 2012, WPI student project teams worked with a rich mix of sponsors and communities both new and old. We were pleased to be invited back to Maitland Garden Village to continue working with the Green Light Project and others on community self-help efforts, and to Langrug where we broke new ground (literally) with our partners in continuing efforts to develop innovative approaches to informal settlement upgrading, especially with respect to water and sanitation improvements. In Mtshini Wam, students were welcomed to participate in reblocking efforts as community members, supported by NGO and governmental partners, reorganized and replaced their shack homes in a process designed to improve living conditions and strengthen community solidarity. Meanwhile, with sponsorship by the City of Cape Town and others, one team worked to bring urban agricultural opportunities to rooftops in the Central Business District, while another explored opportunities for agriculture and tourism along the Black River to support both river restoration and social development in adjacent communities.

Please see our 2012 Annual Report with executive summaries of all six projects [PDF, 5 MB].

We thank all of our sponsors and community members for these opportunities to learn and work together on sustainable community development projects!