Mapping and Planning

Sustainable Redevelopment Through Urban Planning and Mapping

CT09Plan Overview 1Monwabisi Park is one of many informal settlements plagued by a variety of problems resulting from a lack of infrastructure.  This burden heavily infringes upon the establishment of a comfortable way of life for the park’s residents.  It is nearly impossible for a settlement to redevelop into a sustainable community without proper systems for storm water management, lighting, sanitation, and other important resources that provide a comfortable, efficient, and modern way of life.  Through the implementation of our proposed improvements, we hope to help the residents of Monwabisi Park take a step in a positive direction. This work is sponsored by the Violence Protection through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) program of Khayelitsha, a City of Cape Town funded organization whose goal is to reduce violence through upgrading informal settlements. See the complete Executive Summary of our work here.

Cape Town in Relation to AfricaOur Mission

It is our mission to propose infrastructural development strategies for Monwabisi Park that will offer improvements to safety, lighting, storm-water runoff, roads, and housing organization.  In collaboration with both external organizations and the residents of Monwabisi Park, we will propose possible redevelopment designs and create a three dimensional model of the park that can serve as a visual aid for redevelopment planning now and in the future.

Our Main ObjectivesPark in relation to Cape Town

  • Create a Monwabisi Park Urban Framework Redevelopment Strategy
  • Create, in cooperation with other teams, a Redevelopment Seed proposal
  • Investigate current pedestrian safety measures and propose improvements
  • Propose improvements to path and street lighting
  • Create a three dimensional model of C-Section of Monwabisi Park
  • Create print and electronic maps for other WPI teams as necessary.

Monwabisi Park Blank MapPrevious Work

Much of our work has built upon a substantial foundation laid by last year’s mapping & planning team.  Their work can be found here. In addition, we have used many resources available to us through our sponsor, the VPUU, and other Project Partners.