Scene 6: Nailing Down Improvements


The last time we were in Langrug, we had visited the hardware store with Victoria to pick out mirrors, a trash can, a towel rack, and a few other minor things that could be installed as improvements in the WaSH facility.

Cast of Characters:

WaSH Team, Kiddies Team, Nobathembu, Caretakers


The WaSH Facility


We arrived eager to see how the items we had purchased were being utilized. The first thing we noticed was that the trashcan we had purchased was being used, but the mirrors and towel bar laid uninstalled in the caretakers office.

With the help of the caretakers, Mackenzie, Morgan and Ivette cut the heavy-duty double stick tape to hang the mirrors and placed them in the men’s and women’s showers and above the sinks.

Ivette, Mackenzie, and Joe took Paula on a tour of Langrug since it was her first visit [link to that scene here]. When they left Morgan began installing the towel rack and completed the task with help from Nick and Victoria.


When the community commits to specific tasks while we are away, it doesn’t always happen. We were counting on the caretakers and community leaders to install the improvements since we had taken Victoria shopping with us. Perhaps they did not think it was their job to make sure they get installed. Regardless, we felt accomplished once we installed the improvements because facility users were pleased with the new additions.