Meet the Community

The WPI Team with the Community Leaders


Terrence Johnson

Terrence was an instrumental leader during the reblocking process in the previous years. Even though he does not live in Flamingo Crescent, he has become an honorary member due to his involvement and dedication. Terrence represents the Informal Settlement Network, so he was crucial for the crèche construction process by leading and directing the rest of the working team on-site. Terrence was always ready to share ideas and creative ways to solve any construction dilemas.



Mark Solomons

Mark, also known as Marky, is a resident in Flamingo Crescent who has been heavily involved throughout the reblocking process in the past years as well as the construction of the crèche and playground. Recently, he married his wife Elizabeth, and is a dad of two: Migel and Rueben; he is eager to complete this crèche so that both of his children can enjoy educational opportunities. He also hopes both the crèche and the community space will take the kids away from the streets. Personally, Marky enjoys playing soccer, loves reggae music, and practices Rastafari. To hear from Mark about his role in the community and his thoughts check out his video.



Elizabeth Rantoetse

Elizabeth Rantoetse has been living in Flamingo Crescent since 2005. She has two sons, Riaan and Wesley. Elizabeth took on the role of the leader of the savings group during the reblocking process. It was up to her to collect money from every member of the community so the project could move forward. She is an advocate for the crèche and community space and helps to work on the community space when she is not working. Elizabeth plans to be a cook in the crèche and cannot wait to see the effects that the crèche and community space have on the community. Elizabeth’s favorite animal is dolphins and she also likes going to the beach. To learn more about Elizabeth and her role check out her video.



Yolanda November

Yolanda November is a passionate grandmother who is well respected by the community. She is amazing at controlling the children in the settlement and always offers advice and assistance when needed. She has worked avidly with the students during the construction of the community space and is so excited to see the crèche be competed. She plans to be a cook in the crèche and hopes it will provide the children a safe place to learn and have fun. To learn more about Yolanda check out her video.



Lenrika Dekoker

Lenrika Dekoker has been living in Flamingo Crescent since 2005. She has three sons, Ethan, Ewan, and Elrico. During the reblocking she was in charge of the supervision and organisation of the shacks in the community. She knows just about every member of the community and was a great asset to the students when they were helping the city to renumber all of the homes. Lenrika provided a meeting space for the students and the community to meet to discuss important issues. She is a member of the crèche management board and is helping to recruit more people to help out. She is happy to see the progress in the community space and feels it will be a good space for her son to play. To learn more about Lenrika and her role in the community check out her video.

Aunty Mary

Auntie Marie

Auntie Marie has been living in Flamingo Crescent since 2005. She is the mother of seven children and it is clear she has experienced a lot in her life. She has been to countries throughout Europe including, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In the community she was a strong advocate for the reblocking and dealt with many of the challenges and issues that arose during the planning stages as well as during construction. Auntie Marie hopes that the community will continue to flourish and is happy to see all the progress that has and will continue to be made on the crèche and community. She thinks the crèche will help the children to stay safe and provide them with a great learning opportunity. To hear more about Auntie Marie and her thoughts check out her video.


Shakeel Samuels

Shakeel Samuels has been living in Flamingo Crescent for about four months. In the past few weeks he has stepped up enormously to help with the drainage system and the construction of the crèche. He also helped the team to get tires and build different aspects of the community space. His favorite sport is rugby and he is an avid believer in Rastafari.