Meet the CORC Representatives

The following are representatives from CORC (Community Organisation Resource Centre) that we worked with during our time in Langrug. CORC is a non-governmental organisation that provides support to informal settlement communities. To learn more about CORC, click here.

Jack, Baraka, Tim (WPI Student) & Adi

Aditya “Adi” Kumar– Adi is a lead project manager in CORC. He was a great mediator among the project’s many stakeholders, helping meetings to move forward and be more productive. Adi played a key role in pushing the WaSH facility from its planning stages to implementation.

Olwethu Jack– Jack is a CORC representative who provided us with critical technical and logistical support in designing the MPC and WaSH facilities. Jack also helped us work better with the Working Team by clarifying and facilitating the resolution of some language and cultural barriers.

Mwau Baraka– Baraka is a CORC representative who provided logistical support to the reblocking team. Baraka was also able to provide a fresh perspective on our projects that helped in moving us forward.

Sizwe Mxobo– Sizwe is a CORC representative who worked with the WPI team in the beginning of the project. He was the first person to introduce us to the community and helped translate and facilitate our initial conversations with the Working Team. He also tried to help us mentally prepare for the challenges we may encounter in Langrug.