Exploring Social Complexities Affecting WaSH-UP

The following webpages aim to describe our experiences working with several members of the informal settlement community of Langrug, analyze the complexities of such situations, and generalize these experiences to see the bigger challenges and possible solutions in working in informal settlements. This document is useful to anyone who wants to work in informal settlements, particularly on issues relating to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, economic sustainability, and early childhood development, as these are the areas our experiences most closely relate to. We encourage you to use these webpages to briefly understand our time in Langrug, but to understand to understand our experiences more fully please explore our full website, especially the Process Narrative.


The Concept: What is WaSH-UP?

Challenges: Where can it go wrong?

What Works? Successes in Surprising Places

So What Does This Mean? Lessons Learned from Langrug

Important Lessons Learned: Working in Challenging Communities

Where do we go now? Some Musings on the Future