Our Partners

Our Project Sponsors

CCTgovtOur project sponsors are Cindy Jacobs and Jacques du Toit of the City of Cape Town’s Environmental Resource Managementdepartment.  They provided some key insight into our challenges that guided our project’s direction and research design.  Though we did not work with them closely every day, we did maintain contact with them to discuss any findings or questions we had.  They also provided us with useful resources for us to reference, and got us in contact with knowledgeable people.The main objective of the Environmental Resource Management department is to effectively manage and protect Cape Town’s environment.  They are in charge of implementing a program called the City’s Integrated Metropolitan Environmental Policy (IMEP), which strives to ensure that the principles of environmental sustainability are adhered to.


We would like to thank the co-researchers, our sponsors, the advisors, as well as the community members for helping us with various aspects of this project.  We worked closely with the co-researchers to communicate with the community as a whole and to give us quick feedback on our ideas.  Cindy Jacobs and Jacques du Toit, our sponsors, were valuable in getting us in contact with other useful resources.  We especially would like thank our advisors, Professor Scott Jiusto and Professor Joe Petruccelli for all of their ideas and guidance through the entirety of our project.  Lastly, we would like to thank the community for their hospitality and willingness to work with us.  None of our research and findings would have been possible without the combined effort of all involved.